• How much do Neola services cost?

    For details and rates relating specifically to your district, please contact Neola’s business office.

  • When will we be billed for services?

    Please call our business office to discuss how billing is handled for your state.

  • How long will it take to draft our new set of policies?

    Typically it takes about one year to complete the process. The amount of time, however, depends largely on the timetable that your Board and superintendent determine, and the efficiency of the internal review process by district staff.

  • How does Neola keep our materials up to date?

    To keep your materials current, a Neola associate will visit your district to discuss our twice-yearly updates. Each update packet reflects the changes to policy templates that Neola recommends to make sure your district’s policies align with the most recent changes in   Federal and State statutes and changes from regulatory agencies.

  • What is the Neola warranty?

    All Neola policy templates carry a warranty. We employ outside legal counsel, with expertise in public education law, in each of the seven states we serve. These attorneys make sure that our policies comply with all Federal and State requirements, and are otherwise on firm legal ground.

    Neola will provide legal assistance if there is a claim that the district’s policies do not accurately reflect what is required by State and Federal law. Neola will not serve as the district’s primary legal representation, in the very few situations where we have been contacted for assistance, if the situation at hand does not relate solely to the content of the policy. The involvement of the district’s own legal counsel is important.

    Neola does not recommend the use or incorporation of district-specific materials, and while Neola will, at the request of the district, incorporate district-specific materials into the licensed materials, the district acknowledges that it bears all risks associated with the district’s decision to request that such materials be incorporated. Neola reserves the right to, but is not obligated to, advise the district to seek its own legal review of district-specific materials.


  • What are Neola templates?

    Neola offers more than 400 policy templates that may be included in a client’s policy manual. Also offered are more than 400 templates for administrative guidelines/procedures, which describe how the policies are implemented. Forms, which can be customized for your district, also are included as an option. Neola policy templates cover the vast array of issues facing K-12 school districts. In addition, our templates include recommendations for “best practices” to promote excellence and help districts achieve their goals. We employ outside legal counsel, with expertise in public education law, in each of the six states we serve. These attorneys make sure that our policies comply with all federal and state requirements, and are on firm legal ground.

  • Who are Neola associates?

    Neola associates are the face of our company. Every associate is assigned to one of the seven states where that associate serves. This enables him or her to provide expertise specific to that state. Associates already come with a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through years of service as former district administrators, or legal counsel in your state, giving them a good understanding of your needs and concerns. Clients rely on associates to guide them through the challenges they face.