Neola understands that no two districts are alike. Each requires personalized consultation services to address its unique policy needs. The Neola process allows each client to receive the benefit of Neola’s collective experience while providing assistance to address state-specific issues and laws on an individual district basis.


Getting Started

Meet Your Associate

Each client is assigned a Neola associate to serve as the direct contact for the district. Associates are all former administrators and live in or worked in the regions they represent. And of great importance to most administrators and boards is that each Neola Associate is familiar with challenges you face.

Meet all the Neola associates here.



Preparing to Draft

Your associate will work with district staff to develop a new set of customized policies and guidelines/procedures based on the Neola templates. This face-to-face consultation allows associates to form close working relationships with each client and help set the tone for how each district prefers to work with and communicate with Neola.



Any changes or modifications to Neola templates will be forwarded to the Neola Production Office to produce a working draft of a policy book. The district staff and Neola associate will continue to work together to further revise this working draft, as necessary until a final policy book is ready for adoption by the board.



Once policies are adopted by the board, Neola will then publish the materials on a policy website. The policy site allows direct access to board bylaws, policies, administrative guidelines/procedures and forms. The materials are organized by section and are keyword searchable for easy navigation.



Keeping Board Policies Current

Neola publishes two regular updates per year that include proposed revisions to bylaws, policies, guidelines/procedures, and forms. Following the release of each update, your associate will provide consultation to review and explain the rationale for the changes and answer questions about the proposed revisions, allowing the district to make informed decisions on policy matters.