Our mission is to help school leaders set direction through policy and address the policy implications and mandates of the ever-evolving laws and regulations from all levels of government.

Neola began serving schools districts over 40 years ago as an educational consulting firm founded by four business partners from northeast Ohio. Neola initially offered facilities studies, population projects, curriculum units and staff development. Neola began providing policy service as the client base grew. As more clients came on board, it became apparent that districts needed help staying on top of the new and changing laws and regulations affecting schools. Board policies soon became Neola’s sole focus.

Neola’s work expanded to the rest of Ohio and then into other states.¬†We now serve more than 1,500 clients in six states, and have become the preferred provider in several of the states we serve. The key to our growth has always been our commitment to personalized services in each of our¬†districts.