Pinckney Community Schools
Bylaws & Policies
Table of Contents

4110Conflict of Interest
4112Board-Staff Communications
4120Employment of Support Staff
4120.04Employment of Substitutes
4121Criminal History Record Check (See Policy 8142)
4121.01Criminal Conviction Review
4122Nondiscrimination and Equal Employment Opportunity (See Policy 1422)
4122.01Drug-Free Workplace
4122.02Nondiscrimination Based on Genetic Information of the Employee (See 1422.02)
4123Section 540/ADA Prohibition Against Disability Discrimination in Employment (See Policy 1623)
4130Assignment and Transfer
4139Staff Discipline
4140Termination and Resignation
4160Physical Examination (See 1460)
4161Unrequested Leaves of Absence/Fitness for Duty (See 1461)
4162Controlled Substance and Alcohol Policy for Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV) Drivers
4170Substance Abuse
4211Whistleblower Protection
4213Student Supervision and Welfare (See 1613)
4214Staff Gifts
4215Use of Tobacco by Support Staff
4216Support Staff Dress and Grooming
4220Evaluation of Support Staff
4231Outside Activities of Support Staff
4310Freedom of Speech in Noninstructional Settings
4362Anti-Harassment (See 3362)
4362.01Threatening Behavior Toward Staff Members
4362.02Work Place Safety
4419Group Health Plans (See Policy 1619)
4419.01Privacy Protections of Self-Funded Group Health Plans (See 3419.01)
4419.02Privacy Protections of Fully Insured Group Health Plans (See Policy 1619.02)
4430.01Family & Medical Leaves of Absence ("FMLA")
4437.01Military Leave
4440Job-Related Expenses
4531Unauthorized Work Stoppage