Monroe County Intermediate School District
Bylaws & Policies


It is the purpose of this policy to comply with State and Federal regulations concerning the prevailing wage rate.

The Michigan Department of Industrial Relations will determine the prevailing wage rate in the locality where the work is to be performed.

The Superintendent shall designate a Prevailing Wage Coordinator for this District.

The Prevailing Wage Coordinator will submit to the Superintendent, for Board approval, procedures for monitoring compliance with prevailing wage laws. S/He will request the Michigan Department of Industrial Relations to establish the prevailing wage rate in this District for school construction or renovation projects. A schedule of those wages must be attached to the specifications for the work, and printed on any bidding blanks. A copy of the bidding blank must be filed with the Department of Industrial Relations prior to the award of any contract. Thereafter, any contract which is awarded must include a provision that each laborer, workman, or mechanic employed by the contractor will be paid at a rate not less than the prevailing wage rate. On the first pay date, the contractors and subcontractors must provide each employee with written notification of his/her job classification and the prevailing wage rate for his/her job classification, unless the employee is covered by a collective bargaining agreement.

A.C. 408.551, 408.552 et seq.