Monroe County Intermediate School District
Bylaws & Policies


It is the policy of the Board of Education that the Superintendent or designee seek at least three (3) price quotations on purchases between one-half (1/2) of the statutory limit and the statutory limit except in cases of emergency or when the materials purchased are of such a nature that price negotiations would not result in a savings to the District.

When the purchase of and contract for single items of supplies, materials, or equipment amount to more than the statutory limit, the Assistant Superintendent of Business shall obtain competitive bids.

Bids shall be sealed and shall be opened by the Assistant Superintendent of Business or designee in the presence of at least one (1) witness. All orders or contracts should be awarded to the lowest responsible bidder; however, consideration can be given to:

 A.the quality of the item(s) to be supplied;

 B.its conformity with specifications;

 C.suitability to the requirements of the District; terms;

 E.past performance of the vendor.

The Board reserves the right to reject any and all bids.

Contracts can be awarded by the Superintendent without Board approval for any single item or group of identical items costing less than the statutory limit. All other contracts require Board approval prior to purchase.

The Board shall be informed of the terms and conditions of all competitive bids and shall award contracts as a consequence of such bids.

The Board shall be notified each year of the amount of the statutory limit.

The Superintendent is authorized to make emergency purchases, without prior approval, of those goods and/or services needed to keep the schools in operation. Such purchases shall be brought to the Board's attention at the next regular meeting.

In order to promote efficiency and economy in the operation of the District, the Board requires that the Assistant Superintendent of Business periodically estimate requirements for standard items or classes of items and make quantity purchases on a bid basis to procure the lowest cost consistent with good quality.

Whenever storage facilities or other conditions make it impractical to receive total delivery at any one (1) time, the total quantity to be shipped, but with staggered delivery dates, shall be made a part of the bid specifications.

Before the Assistant Superintendent of Business places a purchase order, s/he shall check as to whether the proposed purchase is subject to bid, whether sufficient funds exist in the budget, and whether the material might be available elsewhere in the District. All purchase orders shall be numbered consecutively.

In the interests of the economy, fairness, and efficiency in its business dealings, the Board requires that:

 A.items commonly used in the various schools or units thereof be standardized whenever consistency with educational goals can be maintained;

 B.a prompt and courteous reception, insofar as conditions permit, be given to all who call on legitimate business matters;

 C.where the requisitioner has recommended a supplier, the Assistant Superintendent of Business may make alternate suggestions to the requisitioner if, in his/her judgment, better service, delivery, economy, or utility can be achieved by changing the proposed order;

 D.upon the placement of a purchase order, the Assistant Superintendent of Business shall commit the expenditure against a specific line item to guard against the creation of liabilities in excess of appropriations.

The Superintendent shall determine the amount of purchase and type of purchase that shall be allowed without a properly signed purchase order. Employees may be held personally responsible for anything purchased without a properly signed purchase order or authorization.

The Board may acquire equipment as defined in law by lease, installment payments, entering into lease-purchase agreements, or lease with an option to purchase provided the contract sets forth the terms of such a purchase.

M.C.L.A. 380.623a, 380.1267 et seq.

Revised 11/20/01