DeWitt Public Schools
Bylaws & Policies


Whenever a student is found to have an active infestation of pediculosis (head lice), s/he will be sent home with a letter advising parents of treatment requirements. An active infestation is defined as the presence of live lice or nits found within one-quarter (1/4) inch of the scalp.

The student will be readmitted to school after treatment and examination. Children shall be accompanied back to school by a parent or guardian and if upon examination, the school-designated personnel find no live lice or nits less than one-quarter (1/4) inch on the hair shaft of the child, the child may re-enter school.

A letter will be sent home notifying classmates’ parents that a case of head lice is suspected and advising them to check all of their children for head lice. The school may also provide parents with a copy of an information sheet on head lice infestation and treatment options.

Revised 11/8/04