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It is necessary for the orderly operation of the School District to prepare a personnel information system for the retention of appropriate papers bearing upon an employee's duties and responsibilities to the District and the District's responsibilities to the employee.

The Board of Education requires that sufficient records exist to ensure an employee's qualifications for the job held; compliance with Federal, State, and local benefit programs; conformance with District rules; and evidence of completed evaluations. Such records will be kept in compliance with the laws of the State of Michigan.

The Board delegates the maintenance of an employee personnel information system to the Superintendent.

A single central file shall be maintained, and subsidiary records shall be maintained for ease in data gathering only.

Only that information which pertains to the professional role of the employee and submitted by duly authorized school administrative personnel and the Board may be entered in the official record file. Employees shall provide necessary information for their personnel files. If providing the requested information is optional, employees shall be informed of their right to decline to supply the information.

A copy of each such entry shall be given to the employee upon request except for matters pertaining to pending litigation.

A copying cost may be charged for each copy given to the employee at his/her request at the rate determined by the District.

The employee may periodically review his/her file at reasonable intervals, generally not more than two (2) times in a calendar year.

Any employee who inappropriately releases information, or uses confidential information for personal reasons, will be disciplined in accordance with established policies and procedures. If an employee is approached to provide information inappropriately, the employee must refuse to release the requested information in accordance with applicable procedures or refer the requestor to the employee’s immediate supervisor.

Personnel wishing to review their own records shall:

 A.request access in writing; the record in the presence of the administrator designated to maintain said records or designee;

 C.make no alterations or additions to the record nor remove any material therefrom;

 D.sign a log attached to the file indicating date and person reviewing.

Personnel wishing to appeal material in their record as to its accuracy, completeness, relevance, or timeliness shall make a request in writing to the administrator delegated to maintain the records and specify therein: and date;

 B.material to be appealed;

 C.reason for appeal.

The responsible administrator shall hear the appeal and make a determination within ninety (90) days of the appeal in accordance with law.

If the appeal does not resolve the disagreement, the employee may submit a written statement, not exceeding five (5) sheets of 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch paper, explaining the employee’s position. This written statement shall be kept in the employee’s file.

The Superintendent shall prepare administrative guidelines defining which personnel records are to be maintained and the procedures for their maintenance and review.

M.C.L.A. 423.501 et seq

Revised 11/13/00
Revised 7/8/02