Bloomfield School District
Bylaws & Policies


The School Board recognizes its obligation to maintain a working and learning environment that is conducive to the education of students and understands that at times there may be members of the teaching staff who fail to meet the expectation of serving as an exemplar for those students and/or fail to meet their professional responsibilities. In situations in which those charged with supervising professional staff members determine that a suspension of a teacher is needed, whether as part of a system of progressive discipline or for the benefit of students, colleagues, and/or the community, the administration will provide due process as required by Federal law and, if a suspension without pay is sought, comply with the procedure established under State law for the suspension of teachers without pay.

It will be the responsibility of the Superintendent to establish administrative guidelines which ensure that the proper standards have been applied and the proper procedures have been followed when a principal makes a decision to suspend a teacher.

In acting on a principalís preliminary determination that a teacher will be suspended without pay, the Board will be guided by the procedure set out in I.C. 20-28-9-22.

I.C. 20-28-9-22

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