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5113 - SCHOOLS OF CHOICE PROGRAM (Inter-District)

The Board of Education has determined that it will allow nonresident students, residing within the Monroe County ISD, but whose parent(s) does not reside in the District, and who qualify, to enroll in the District through a Schools of Choice program during the forthcoming school year.

The Board shall review this decision annually based on information provided by the Superintendent concerning the availability of space in each of the districtís schools and programs. The board shall determine and publish whether or not it will accept applications for enrollment by new constituent district students, contiguous district students, or tuition students by the second Friday in August for the next school year. The Board may, at its option, choose to accept Schools of Choice students for any second semester openings. Openings for second semester must be published two (2) weeks prior to the end of the first semester.

Any constituent or contiguous district students who were enrolled during the previous school year or semester under a Schools of Choice program will be permitted to enroll for the next school year.


The following definitions will apply to the District's Schools of Choice program.

 A.Constituent District
  A school district located within the Monroe County ISD.

 B.Home District
  A nonresident student's district of residence within the ISD.

 C.Constituent-District Student
  A student who is a legal resident or otherwise legally entitled to attend school in another school district within the ISD who does not have a parent residing in the District and who seeks admission to this District under Schools of Choice.

 D.Program Size
  The enrollment or size restrictions in a specific program, course, class or building. The District reserves the exclusive right to establish program size and to limit enrollment based upon the capability to properly allocate available resources, create and maintain a proper learning environment, and comply with contracts, grants and applicable laws and regulations.

 E.Resident Student
  A student who is a legal resident of this District and is consequently entitled to attend school in this District in accordance with Policy 5111 - Eligibility of Resident/Nonresident Students.

 F.Tuition Student
  A student who resides outside the Intermediate School District and has enrolled or seeks to enroll in this District upon payment of the established tuition fee.


Students who have been enrolled in the District through a Schools of Choice Program during the previous semester or school year may continue their enrollment through graduation provided they maintain continuous enrollment and are not expelled for disciplinary reasons.

 A.Enrollment may or may not be available to any nonresident student who has been suspended, expelled or otherwise released or excluded from his/her home district for disciplinary reasons. The Superintendent shall make the decision based on the circumstances involved, in accordance with statutory restrictions.

 B.The District's Policy 2260 - Equal Educational Opportunity shall apply to all applicants under this program. In addition, the District will not discriminate on the basis of an applicant's intellectual, academic, artistic, athletic, or other ability, talent, or accomplishment, or based on a mental or physical disability

 C.The Superintendent shall be responsible for developing and promulgating administrative guidelines to implement this policy. Such guidelines shall address at least the following matters:

  1.Communication with the parents of nonresident students seeking admission (or the student, if legally emancipated) concerning the timelines and other requirements for application as well as a statement of nondiscrimination (See Policy 2260 - Access to Equal Educational Opportunity).

  2.Participation in interscholastic athletics.

  3.District transportation services.

  4.Pre-requisites and other eligibility standards associated with courses of study.

  5.Transfer of academic credit.

  6.Assignment within the District.

  7.Admission of special-education students.


The Superintendent shall ensure that the records of a resident student who transfers to another district are sent promptly to the other district.

M.C.L.A. 388.1705
PA 300, 1996, as amended

Revised 7/16/01